Benefit Concert a Success!

The benefit concert yesterday was a huge success. We had upwards of 100 people purchase a ticket and from about 2pm to 4pm we had around 50-60 pack in at Jernabi Coffeehouse!

With entrance donations, raffle ticket and art auction sales we made $1123. My stretching goal was $2000 but I knew a more realistic goal was $1000, so I'm incredibly happy with that. 

All the bands were absolutely amazing, and it seemed like everyone in attendance truly enjoyed the event.

Alan Rizzo from the Watertown Daily Times came down for a few hours and took videos and pictures and a few interviews as well. He wrote up this article last night to be published this morning: Potsdam concert draws 60, raises more than $1,000 to support new series focusing on local music (VIDEO)

Thanks to everyone involved. This has been such a fantastic push in the right direction for the concert series.