Getting Started

Well, I've been pretty busy the last few weeks. I've been working on the grant application for the SLC Arts Council community arts grant to get this Ives Park Concert Series thing going but I just submitted it last night. Now that that's pretty much done for now, I'm ready to move forward in the planning process. As I move along, I thought it would be nice to keep updates on what I'm working on for the concert series, hence a new blog!

The next pieces to this project that I'll be tackling are:

1. Fundraising Concert - I'm thinking Wednesday, December 9 in the evening. So far the idea is that we will bring in some local musicians to play a few songs each, ask local artist to provide music- or Potsdam-inspired art to be auctioned off, and ask local businesses to provide in-kind donations to be raffled off. I'm hoping to hold the event at a local coffee shop, but we'll see how that works out. The reason I want to do the concert on that date is because students will still be here, and it's right before Christmas, so people will be more apt to buy some artwork. Also, having it during the week seems like an optimal time because weekends in December are always crazy. I don't plan to create expensive posters or anything because don't have any money yet.

2. Press Releases - Start advertising to the community with press releases in the local papers. This is pretty self explanatory, but I'd really like to let more people know about what we're doing and ask them to donate on so we have more cash to get things rolling.

3. Business Sponsorship - Reach out to local businesses about sponsorship. I plan to have each of the nine concerts in the series sponsored by a local business. I have budgeted this to be a large source of funds for the series, so I hope businesses are receptive to this.

Wish me luck, and do let me know if you'd like to help at all. Please fill out the form to the right or send an email to (it goes to the same place anyway).